parent handbook

A parent’s guide to Treehouse Learning Center

Parent Communication

Our goal is to create open lines of communication right from the beginning. Please tell us everything you can think of that will help your child thrive at The TreeHouse. We want to hear your comments and concerns, and promise to use your thoughts to help us create a more perfect atmosphere for everyone at the center. Children 18 months and under will go home each day with a note outlining their day including daily activities, temperament, and food ins and outs. Parents may request this same type of note for children over 18 months. Teachers will try to relay the child’s high’s and low’s to the parent at pick up time.

Please let us know if there are major events occurring in the family, such as a sudden death in the family, divorce, or moving, as these events often result in a different temperament in your child. Sometimes this can be a very scary (or exciting) time for your child, our staff is trained in helping children express these emotions in socially acceptable ways without even mentioning the event.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

Scheduled Holiday Closures

New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Check In/ Check Out

Please check your child in and out at the computer each day and then make sure that your child’s teacher is aware of their arrival. Please notify us each time someone other than the child’s legal guardians will be picking them up. If we do not have prior notification we will not release the child to them. Remind that person to bring identification with them.

Billing Policies

Tuition is due every other Monday.

You will be billed in advance for two weeks at a time.

If we do not receive your payment by the last day of the month you will need to make other child care arrangements until your account is paid in full.

A $20 fee will be added to your account if a check is returned unpaid.

Discipline Policy

A trained staff member will handle all behavior concerns. If a minor issue occurs the trained staff member (not the teacher in charge of the class) will join the child and review rules and expectations for the school. If behaviors continue a PBS plan will be created specifically for that child. Parents will be involved in all aspects of the PBS plan. We do not send children to “time out” unless it is preplanned as part of their PBS plan as we do not feel it is an effective way to teach young children appropriate ways to communicate and socialize. We always look for alternative ways to say, “No.” We do this by offering choices and turning what they want to do into an acceptable activity. We pride ourselves on having open lines of communication between parents and teachers, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us regarding any concerns or comments you have.

Sick Child Policy

Under no circumstances may a parent bring a sick child to the TreeHouse. Idaho State law requires that a child be removed from the learning center if a child shows the following signs of illness:

·Fever of 101 or higher. (A child must be fever free for 24 hours before they can return to the center).


·Vomiting 2 or more times within a 24 hour period. (Please do not bring your child to the center if they have vomited during the night.)

We make every effort to keep all of our surfaces sanitized and sterile and we have a regular routine for washing hands and keeping noses clean. You can help us keep illnesses out of the TreeHouse too by not bringing your child to the center when they are sick. Please inform us in writing of any medication that the child needs to take during the day. Forms will be available at the front desk.

Please give the note and medication to a staff member, do not leave it in the child’s bag or backpack.


We offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks during the day.

Personal Belongings

Please label all personal belongings including jackets, gloves, and hats. We ask that your child not bring toys or special items to school due to the fact that the child often feels territorial over them and to keep them from getting lost or broken. Your teacher will notify you about special share days.

Please label all bottles, milk, sippy cups, and extra clothing.

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